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A total approach to cleanliness and facility services

TN-Technique du Nettoyage SA can do more than just clean your premises. Our mission is to make your life easier by relieving you of everything concerning management of your internal and external spaces. Our facility services staff can deal with office administration and other ancillary tasks, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Maintenance and cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning so that users benefit from clean, welcoming spaces. Guaranteeing and checking for a consistent standard of cleanliness. Contributing to the proper functioning and safety of buildings. Producing an overall maintenance plan, relieving the client of all responsibility for this. Enabling maintenance costs to be controlled and meeting the specific needs of each client.

Ultra-clean environments

Contributing our experience of clean rooms, training and using our specialists in cleanliness in controlled industrial environments. Playing an active role in the production chain and in cleaning and disinfection programmes for: the pharmaceutical industry, the microtechnology industry, packaging departments, and industry in general. Achieving a high standard which complies with AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation).

Facility Services

Offering office administration solutions enabling managers and their employees to focus on their core activities. Having the capacity to respond discreetly and efficiently to all types of requests, such as: management of office supplies, unlocking and locking up premises, obtaining supplies for coffee machines and photocopiers, running repairs and removals, changing light bulbs, organising catering and monitoring and security tasks.

Technical management of administrative and commercial buildings

A single point of contact for centralised, efficient management. Our job is to manage, schedule and check all operations which involve building maintenance and management. We deal with entry of new tenants, cleaning and maintenance, landscaped areas, management of renovation or alteration work, monitoring of heating and the satisfaction of occupants.

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