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At TN we provide you with best in class Quality and Eco-friendly services, since we are strongly committed to apply Quality management systems in line with ISO 9001:2008 et ISO 14001:2004 norms

We rely on :

  • A professional set up.
  • Processes perfectly matching our Company policy.
  • Continuous awareness and training of our employees.
  • On-going checks and reporting of our services’ performance.

Health & Safety

Because we not only have to but also because we want to be compliant with Federal law, (in particular «Ordonnance 3 relative à la loi sur le travail – Hygiène, OLT 3), we take every necessary step to prevent hurts and secure our employees health & safety, according to CFST 6508 regulation.

Our duties are :

  • Raise employees’ awareness as of their first day in the Company.
  • In terms of ergonomy and hygien, work conditions have to be good.
  • Health may not undergo any attack due to physical, chemical or biological influences.
  • Overwhelming and repeated efforts must be avoided.
  • Workload has to be organized in an appropriate manner.


CTA wish to reach and demonstrate a good level of envrionmental performance by mastering its activities’ impact the environment. Therefore CTA have put in place an Environment Policy, and related targets and action plans.

A full environmental analysis allowed CTA to set these specific objectives with well defined targets in order to lower our environmental footprint. They are completed by an agenda and an internal tracking system,  « Plans de maîtrise environnementale » that gets approved and reviewed in the quarterly Top Management Review.

This implies the implementation of an environmental program, i.e. :

Reduction plan for :

  • CO2
  • Paper use
  • Buildings’ power consumption
  • Detergents’ use
  • Packing materials

Continuous improvement of :

  • Employees’s training and consciousness
  • Internal & external communication
  • Keep any environment-imacting activity under control
  • Emergeny situations’ identification and prevention
  • Beware of the potential impact of any action we take

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