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Ensuring that your building functions properly and looks its best

A single point of contact for technical management of your building. All maintenance operations are scheduled and administered centrally by TN-Technique du Nettoyage SA. Tenant satisfaction and the proper functioning of your installations take highest priority.

Services to tenants

Management of entry and departure of tenants, assistance with moving in and management of alteration works in accordance with the wishes of the new occupants.

Technical monitoring

Checking the heating and air conditioning systems, scheduling maintenance. Rapid action in the event of failure of automatic doors, elevators or escalators. Technical problems are dealt with immediately by a manager.

Ask us for advice about technical management of your building

Management of alterations and other work

Preparation, scheduling and monitoring of renovation and alteration work. Invitations to tender and subcontracting to different trades. We offer central management of all procedures relating to your property.

Cleaning and maintenance

Areas which are clean at all times. You benefit from the services of maintenance staff who do their utmost to ensure that your building is impeccable and welcoming. Their work makes it a pleasant place to be, for occupants and clients alike, without any effort on your part.

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